Athena derives joy from making her clients look and feel their best.

Her holistic approach to esthetics means that she works closely with clients to restore, prevent, and cure using natural and pharmaceutical ingredients. With over fourteen years of varied experience in esthetics, she employs a number of different methodologies to help her clients reach their goals efficiently and safely.

She appreciates each client’s special and unique needs, and devotes time and attention to communicating with her clients to learn about their goals and concerns. Her well- rounded expertise allows her to work with clients “beyond the table,” giving advice on prevention, restoration, and nutrition.

Athena takes pride  in tailoring each treatment to the individual. She is more than familiar with what she is putting on her clients, by using her own organic product line, Monastery . Athena has carefully selected the finest ingredients, and removed unneeded additives and preservatives from the treatment. 

Athena was featured in Lucky Magazine’s “Finding a Brow Person”